Key Issues

  • Economic Recovery

    New jobs drive demand for new homes –which in turn create even more jobs in construction and related fields. LBA is supportive of polices that will stimulate job growth throughout the economy.

  • Advancing Energy Efficiency In Residential Construction

    LBA member companies are innovators in the field of energy efficiency. We are active participants in the EPA’s Energy Star Program as well as the DOE’s Builders’ Challenge and Build America Program. Through these programs and others, LBA member companies play a critical role in developing and deploying new construction techniques, materials and products. We are committed to make further strides in energy efficiency and promoting new tools like energy efficiency mortgages that help make energy efficient homes affordable.

  • Promoting Adequate Capital Capacity For Home Mortgages

    Ensuring a stable and affordable market for home mortgages is essential to the health of the nation’s housing market. Given current market conditions, the capacity of the federal housing programs operated by FHA and the GSE’s are of paramount importance.

  • Mortgage Interest Deduction

    Since the creation of the Mortgage Interest Deduction in 1946, home ownership has grown to 66%. During this time, Americans have accumulated roughly $9 trillion in equity in their homes spurring the American economy.

    Policy makers in both parties have long supported robust initiatives to encourage homeownership as a way to increase wealth for working families, strengthen communities and help people achieve the American Dream.

    Having a tax deduction for mortgage interest makes owning a home more affordable. It allows homeowners to have more disposable income for savings or other household expenses. Simply put, limiting or eliminating the deduction will hurt middle-class homeowners and kill the American dream of homeownership for others.

    Help us save the mortgage interest deduction. Contact us today to learn more about this issue and take action to preserve this important deduction.